It is speculatively inevitable

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An end to end project combining Chemistry and Deep Learning on Graphs

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  1. Build a custom graph dataset formatted to work in DGL (Main subject in this post 😎)
  2. Prepare Train and Test datasets randomly (Good to know 👍)
  3. Define the Graph Conv Network (Piece of cake 🍰)
  4. Train and evaluate Accuracy…

A Painless Introduction

A beginner friendly use of cosine similarity

The easy way to plot superb graphs.

Image by author.

Render by author

“There is an urgent need to share our methods, models, and results openly and quickly to test findings, ensure reproducibility, test significance, eliminate dead-ends, and accelerate discovery. …

How to map a map into graph convolutional networks.

Schematics of a simple Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Mexico’s states graph.

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Physics/ML Lecturer at FCQ-UACH. Member of the Streamlit Creators program.

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